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Slow Lorises HATE to be Tickled & Why They Should Never Be Pets | The Dodo

Slow Lorises HATE to be Tickled & Why They Should Never Be Pets | The Dodo

Why Slow Lorises Shouldn't Be Pets | This viral video looks like the cutest thing in the world — but it's a nightmare for these animals. Video by: Ryan Barrentine ...

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Slow Loris eating a Rice Ball

Slow Loris eating a Rice Ball Domestically bred. Kinako and azuki was born in a Japan. Twitter:@SlowLorisKinako.

A Loris in the Night | Wild Sri Lanka

The Slender Loris is a rare, primitive primate found in the forests of Sri Lanka. Its slender limbs are very good for climbing trees and catching large insects.

Slow loris loves getting tickled http://bit.ly/14qLq8x

a funny animal named LORIS loves getting tickled :o) http://bit.ly/14qLq8x.

The Truth Behind The SLOW LORIS Pet Trade and \

The Truth Behind The SLOW LORIS Pet Trade and \

Slow Lorises Rescued From Illegal Pet Trade | National Geographic

Officials in West Sumatra, Indonesia, rescued nine slow lorises from being sold on the illegal pet market. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About ...

Slow Loris eating Banana

Slow Loris eating Banana Domestically bred. Kinako and azuki was born in a Japan. camera (canon 7D sigma 30mm 1.4) Twitter:@SlowLorisKinako.

Rescue of 17 slow lorises being kept as a tourist attraction

For more information, visit: https://www.internationalanimalrescue.org/news/grim-discovery-during-operation-rescue-endangered-slow-lorises.


For you it's a cool photo to put on Instagram. For them it's the loss of their entire family - or worse. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any future videos!

Slow Loris want more Rice Ball

Slow Loris want more Rice Ball Domestically bred. Kinako and azuki was born in a Japan. Twitter:@SlowLorisKinako.

Brushing Slow Loris

Brushing Slow Loris Domestically bred. Kinako and azuki was born in a Japan. Twitter:@SlowLorisKinako.

Cute and Venomous Slow Loris || LPE360

loris #cute #animals You think you know slow Loris, you have no idea. We buy and sell clips. To license any videos, or submit a video contact info@lpe360.com ...

Rare creature of the night - Slender Loris in South India

The slender Loris is a small nocturnal primate found only in the trafficker rain forests of southern India and Sri Lanka. They are able to live in wet and dry father's ...

Record Number Of Slow Lorises Returned To The Wild

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft Animals: http://bit.ly/2ceCJY0 A record number of slow lorises have been returned to the wild following their rescue and rehabilitation.

Slow Lorises Cry After Stolen from the Wild From Forest To Be Pets | The Dodo

These slow lorises were crying — because they were so scared after being stolen from the wild Video by: Ryan Barrentine To help with the medical care of ...

What it's like to be a Loris

Follow Onkuri Majumdar, director of Freeland India and National Geographic Emerging Explorer, as she visits the wildlife markets and explains the tragic ...

Adorable! Two endangered Sunda slow lorises rescued in southwest China

Two Sunda slow lorises, which are listed as an endangered species, are rescued in southwest China's Yunnan Province. They will be released into the wild ...

Slow Loris: Endangered for Being Cute

Small primate with big eyes has become a target for Southeast Asia's illegal animal market.

Slow Lorises at Perth Zoo

We have recently welcomed two Slow Lorises who have come to us from Singapore Zoo, where they were sent after confiscations. Before their rescues they ...

Three slow lorises released back into the forest


Slow Lorises Went Viral And It Almost Killed Them

End the #ExoticPetTrade. Video by April Son Special thanks for IFAW (http://ifaw.org/) and Wildlife Alliance (http://www.wildlifealliance.org/) for sharing their ...

Science Bulletins: Slow Loris Venom—Solving a Toxic Puzzle

This big-eyed mammal packs an unusually deadly bite. Slow lorises resemble lemurs, their close primate relatives. But unlike any other primate, the slow loris ...

Slow Loris Conservation in Vietnam

Little is known about the status or ecology of slow lorises in Vietnam, but researchers do know that the animals' numbers are on the decline. The nocturnal ...

slow loris with a tiny umbrella

do NOT buy slow lorises and keep them as pets. Here's why http://tgr.ph/gHu4GQ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Comments disabled because I dont like...

The Most Adorable Poisonous Animal

The Slow Loris is one of the most adorable, toxic mammals in existence today. Watch this video and learn more about one of the more unusual primates in ...

The Search for Slow Lorises - AMNH SciCafe

Slow lorises may look like big-eyed Ewoks, but their cute countenance has made these primates a target of the illegal wildlife trade. In this SciCafe, Mary Blair, ...

Slow Loris in Laos

A slow loris moves in a tree in southern Laos.

Slow Loris eats the grape


Baby Loris !


El Paso Zoo Releases Photos of Twin Pygmy Slow Lorises

On April 26th, the El Paso Zoo become home to two pygmy slow lorises. The tiny critters are twins. Baby zoo animals are always adorable...even the bizarre ...

Slow Lorises Rescued from Traffickers

Wildlife Alliance and the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team find trafficked slow lorises. These lorises were confiscated and taken to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue ...

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